Luka Kladaric

software developer

Luka Kladaric

IT professional with over 15 years of experience in software development, system architecture, security and infrastructure management.

Remote work evangelist based out of Croatia but happy to travel.


  • Current: Ansible, Python, Flask, Falcon, MySQL, Postgres, Jenkins, Phabricator, AWS
  • Recent: Java, ObjC, Swift, Django, AMQP, Redis, Memcached, Go, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Regexes
  • History: PHP, PEAR, Bash, SVN, ASP, MSSQL, C/C++, C#, VB.Net


Sekura Collective


December 2017 - Present

Chaos management specialists and software development tooling & processes experts. Your rapid response team for critical infrastructural and architectural challenges.

With a combined century of professional experience across a wide range of specializations, this small hand-picked team quickly reduces problems of any complexity to manageable levels and delivers key in hand solutions ready for handoff to in-house or external maintenance teams.

List of references available on request.


Engineering Lead - Payments/Triage

May 2018 - November 2018

Managed a remote team of senior engineers in charge of all revenue-handling systems.

Helped define and spin up a triage team to tackle tech debt and maintenance, allowing other teams to focus on executing their technical roadmap and shipping meaningful product health milestones.


Senior Software Engineer - Infrastructure lead

September 2015 - May 2018

Cleaned up tech debt accumulated over many years of fast paced development and several pivots.

Improved security, stability and performance of the production stack while ensuring a safe environment for developers to quickly iterate on code in. Shipped the first iteration of local development environments, dropping the dependency on VPN to the production network for development work.

Specced, pitched, prepared, coordinated and executed a massive migration of the entire production stack from Rackspace (hybrid cloud/bare metal) to AWS. Over 60 machines, dozens of interconnected webapps and services with a hefty 1+TB central database, all migrated with zero downtime for staff, clients or users. Shaved hosting cost in the process by 60%. (June - August 2017)

SRE Feb 2016 - March 2017
Infrastructure Lead April 2017 - May 2018
Infrastructure Consultant May 2018 - Present


Technical Advisor

December 2015 - November 2016

Advised the development team on matters of performance, stability, security and best practices. Assisted with migration to a more resilient and scalable infrastructure setup using Heroku and Cloudflare.


CTO, co-founder

2013 - 2015

Head of development and architecture. Owner of all things not frontend. SQL whisperer.

Tech: Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AMQP, Redis, Celery, Skyscanner, Facebook/FQL, Phonegap, AWS

deviantART, Inc.

Web Developer

2010 - 2013

Worked on the entire deviantART web stack, from frontend to backend, internal tools and apps. Led several projects to refactor, optimize and secure core components of the website. Took ownership of the datamining service, stabilized, optimized and improved large portions of it. Led two projects to improve both UI and the underlying engine.

Hiring team member (Feb - Dec 2012)

Spam concerns liaison with Helpdesk, Community and Legal teams.

Public projects: MoreLikeThis, deviantWEAR contests, dA Muro


Lead Developer


Fixed and optimized many sections of a codebase showing considerable bit rot, successfully stabilized an unstable product for key events of the season.

Communicated directly with top clients to ensure proper functionality during critical times.

Pitched, specced, prototyped, and built a new generation of product, which would go on to become the core of the company's offering.

24sata digital d.o.o.

Senior web developer

2009 - 2010

Primary responsibility was development of several in-house applications using Django and jQuery. Submitted patches to jQuery UI core.

Designeus Web Studio

Co-founder, Tech Lead

2004 - 2013

Led numerous projects through to a successful launch, many for return customers. Built fully custom solutions for each client from scratch. Full portfolio at

SoundVault Ltd.

Lead Developer & Architect


Developed a music shop for entertainment industry professionals, using PHP, PEAR and Smarty. Integrated PayPal and Google Checkout payment gateways, with a fully custom billing module. Developed an “import” application to allow suppliers to upload music and edit complex music metadata without administrator assistance. Includes mp3 transcoding and tag reading.


  • November 2018 - Shipping quality software in hostile environments - PyCon Balkan slides
  • October 2018 - The other side of webapp security - WebCamp Zagreb slides / video
  • March 2018 - Phabricator - what's it do? - ZgPHP slides
  • January 2018 - Zero Downtime Datacenter Failovers AKA Changing Hosting Providers For Dummies - Python Belgrade slides / video
  • December 2017 - Don't get pwned in 2018 - webapp lockdown checklist - Dev StackUp NYC (Security) slides
  • October 2017 - Zero Downtime Datacenter Failovers AKA Changing Hosting Providers For Dummies - AWSAdria 2017 slides
  • September 2017 - Zero Downtime Datacenter Failovers AKA Changing Hosting Providers For Dummies - Infinum Server-Side Talks slides
  • May 2017 - Geo-distributed Development Teams in Practice - Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb slides / video
  • December 2016 - "Freelancing", a crash course - DevUG Karlovac
  • October 2016 - Security in the age of web frameworks - WebCamp Zagreb
  • September 2016 - Security in the age of web frameworks - FSec 2016, Varazdin slides / video
  • April 2016 - The importance of being a noob - Web Designers Hrvatska meetup, Zagreb
  • March 2016 - The importance of being a noob - WebCamp Ljubljana slides / video
  • October 2014 - Bad ideas & worst practices - WebCamp Zagreb, Zagreb slides
  • May 2014 - Hitlist and Heroku - Pytalks, Zagreb slides
  • May 2013 – LAMP Scaling 101 – phpDay, Verona, Italy slides / / video
  • November 2012 – Geo-distributed development teams – WebCamp Zagreb - slides / video
  • October 2012 – LAMP Scaling 101 – ZgPHP User Group slides / video
  • April 2012 - What’s new in PHP 5.4 – ZgPHP User Group
  • January 2012 – Development at scale – ZgPHP User Group
  • November 2011 – Automated spam on the Web – Web User Group Zagreb
  • March 2010 - Web Apps for Mobile – hurdles and gotchas – MobileCamp Ljubljana slides / video
  • March 2010 - PHP development for Windows developers - SQL/Developers User Group
  • February 2010 - What’s new in jQuery 1.4 - Web User Group Zagreb


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